What I learned today

What I learned today

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18 Oct 2020

Find and Kill an Application Blocking a Port

Sometimes when you develop a web application you can run into the problem, that an application is blocking a specific po...
04 Sep 2020

Note to self: How to use virtuelenv

virtualenv is a tool to create isolated Python environments. What is the basic usage of this command? Installation pip...
02 Sep 2020

Automatic Wifi hotspot on a Raspberry Pi Zero W to comfortably setup the Wifi settings

With the raspberryPi Zero W the configuration of the wifi settings normally works like this: You mount the SD card with ...
28 Aug 2020

An even better way to install NodeJS on a Raspberrry Pi Zero W

Following the guide in my last post you can safely install NodeJS on a Raspberrry Pi. If you try this on a Raspberrry Pi...
26 Aug 2020

How to configure multiple wifi networks on a Raspberrry Pi Zero W

If you install Raspian on a Raspberrry Pi Zero W one essential step is to setup Wifi. You save a configuration file call...