What I learned today

What I learned today

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28 Mar 2021

How to Set Default Window Size

Flutter for Desktop has been released as beta yet. Now you can develop desktop applications with your knowledge stack. H...
18 Oct 2020

Find and Kill an Application Blocking a Port

Sometimes when you develop a web application you can run into the problem, that an application is blocking a specific po...
04 Sep 2020

Note to self: How to use virtuelenv

virtualenv is a tool to create isolated Python environments. What is the basic usage of this command? Installation pip...
02 Sep 2020

Automatic Wifi hotspot on a Raspberry Pi Zero W to comfortably setup the Wifi settings

With the raspberryPi Zero W the configuration of the wifi settings normally works like this: You mount the SD card with ...
28 Aug 2020

An even better way to install NodeJS on a Raspberrry Pi Zero W

Following the guide in my last post you can safely install NodeJS on a Raspberrry Pi. If you try this on a Raspberrry Pi...